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Creating a New Expense Report


The Create a New Expense Report tool will allow you to create an expense report anytime, on-demand. It automatically retrieves receipts and expenses from your Certify Wallet and adds them to a new or existing expense report, linking the receipts and expenses with matching dates and amounts. This article shows you how to Create a New Expense Report.

Step 1: Add receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. 

Step 2: Select New Expense Report.


Step 3: Select one of the options provided. After selecting an option, click Next.


Step 4: On the next page, complete all of the bold fields. Click Next.  

Step 5: The confirmation screen displays the number of receipts and expenses that are within the date range you provided in Step 4. Click Next to create the expense report.

Step 6:  On the My Expense Report page, review the expense report. Use the Link Receipts WizardClean Up Wizard, or add other expenses as needed. When finished, select Submit for Approval to complete the submission process.


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  • Avatar
    Aurelia Georgescu

    How do I split a receipt for two differents account ( Hotel and meals).Thanks

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Aurelia. To split an expense, open the Other Actions Menu and select "Split Expense". For a detailed guide on splitting the expense, check out our article on the topic:

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Tammy Yannotti

    Who would the client be?

  • Avatar
    Elva Wright

    Step 4 above is not the same on my screen. I have a last option, to enter client name. I did not check the space above that states "billable to client", but the last entry on my screen asks for client name. My expense is not tied to a client, and if I try to ignore that space, I cannot move on, I get the notice "must enter client name". How do I get past that step?

  • Avatar
    Camillo Daleo

    i have the same issue with the client field

  • Avatar
    Camillo Daleo

    um yea.. ..start typing in ''none'' then select 'None' for Client

    - Certified