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Adding Receipts using Certify Mobile


You can use the Certify Mobile app to easily upload receipts to your My Certify Wallet from your mobile device. The Certify Mobile app works with most devices including Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

This article shows you how to add receipts in the Certify Mobile app and sync them to your My Certify Wallet.

Step 1: Open the Certify Mobile app on your mobile device. Log in with your Certify Username and Password. Your username and password for Certify Mobile are the same as your login credentials you use to log into


Step 2: On your Certify Mobile homescreen, tap Add Receipt.


Step 3: Select a photo resolution to open the camera screen on your mobile device. Photo resolution options include:

  • High / Medium – Recommended
  • Low – Use only if your device is short on storage
  • GalleryUse to add a receipt image from your mobile device’s photo gallery

Please Note: To add multiple receipts at a time to your Certify Wallet, use the Upload or Email options available in your online Certify account at


Step 4: The camera screen opens. Hold your camera 6 to 12 inches away and focus the camera screen on your receipt. Make sure the receipt fills the screen. Once the receipt looks clear and centered, tap the Photo button to capture the receipt image.


Step 5: On the next screen, tap Use Photo to save the receipt image.


Step 6: On the next screen, tap AutoFill to scan the receipt image and populate the expense detail fields. See AutoFill Tips & Tricks to maximize this feature.


Step 7: If needed, make edits to the expense data by tapping the field you want to edit, entering the data, and tapping Done to save your edits.


Step 7: Tap Save to save the receipt information.


Step 8: On your Certify Mobile homescreen, tap Sync to upload the receipt and add it to your My Certify Wallet.

Please Note: If you find you uploaded a receipt in error, you can easily delete it. See Deleting Receipts Using Certify Mobile.


If you have ReportExecutive enabled, receipts in your My Certify Wallet are automatically added to an expense report for you. Alternatively, you can use the Certify Mobile Auto Expense Report Wizard to create an expense report on your mobile device.

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  • Avatar
    Veronica Mannion

    How can you add multiple receipts to one expense.

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Veronica. Each expense line can attach only one receipt image. One option is to split the expense into two expense lines. This will give you the opportunity to attach two receipt images. We will send you a follow up email with additional information.

  • Avatar
    Syrlena Ferreira

    Some of the employees are telling me that most of the time they don't have time or don't want to fill up all the details of the expense when they take a picture of the receipt with the app on their phone.
    They asked if the images could be uploaded to their wallet without details and the details added when they link the receipt to the corresponding expense. Please, advise how this can be done. Thank you,

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Syrlena, The receipts can be added to the Certify Wallet without details. We then suggest creating the expense report with the Auto Expense Report Wizard. Once the report is created they will need to run through the Cleanup Wizard to enter in the required expense information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Burke

    Is it possible to upload multiple receipts at once? i.e.- from my gallery, then I can go on the certify site to build the expense report?

  • Avatar
    Kamara McGlorn

    Hello Rebecca,

    When using the mobile device, you are only able to select one receipt at a time. Utilizing our upload and/or email option will allow you to submit more than one receipt at once into your Certify Wallet.

    - Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Sherry Gingg

    Can you add a receipt from your photo gallery in your phone. I do not have hard copy.

  • Avatar
    Drew Patterson

    Hello Sherry,

    Thank you for contacting Certify Support.

    To add a receipt from your photo gallery, use the Add Receipt option in Certify Mobile, and then choose "Gallery" as the source.

    Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar
    Michel Vidal

    how to do went you have one receipt for 3 DAYS IN A HOTEL

  • Avatar
    Audrey Kress

    I was posed a question from an employee that uses a corporate card. Imports are already in his wallet, meaning an expense has been created. Now he is taking photos of the receipts and has to enter in all the information again. Can he attach a receipt to the import without entering all the information?

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to "consolidate" a trip with 4 sales calls at 4 different locations, 3 meals at 3 different locations and a trip back to your hotel ? Right now I have to create 8 receipts for the mileage alone. You could do all of this in 1 entry with Concur. This is taking way too long, is very cluttered and if you get anything out of order, its so confusing you are best deleting the day and starting over.