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Navigating the New Home Page


Certify has produced a brand new user experience to our user interface. The new interface is simply more automated and visual; moving from text to small icons, pairing sections together intuitively, and allowing easy management of your expenses.

Our Home screen got a big makeover, promoting cohesive actions and organizing your screen. 


Certify Wallet: Now first and foremost at the top. You will see a preview of the last 3 items submitted to your wallet with a link to all items at the bottom. 

Add Receipts: This section highlights your options to submit receipts, replacing the information on the old Receipts tab. Click on either of them to get started. 

My Expense Reports: Now you have one easy button to create your report! This is our Automatic Expense Report Wizard. You will still see each workflow level that your reports are currently in. 

Schedule My Expense Reports: Highlighting our ReportExecutive tool, you now have a direct link to configure it for yourself if your company has not done so. 

Inquiries: Unanswered inquiries from approvers are highlighted in red. 

My Approval Requests/My Processing Requests: Now listed on the right-hand side rather than in the middle of the screen. Pending requests will be highlighted in red. 

What's New: This area moved over to the right hand side for you to keep up on our latest enhancements.

SpendSmart: The same tool to rate your vendors and browse others.


You'll notice the Receipts tab, previously in the upper right-hand corner, is now Wallet. Since the Receipts tab converted to the Add Receipts box, the new tab will allow you to click directly into your Wallet from any screen. 


The footer, on all screens, will allow you to toggle between the classic and new user experience on your own.

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  • Avatar
    Matthew Maggiore

    Hi, I am unable to access the new user experience via the footer. Is it available yet?

  • Avatar
    Paola Hernandez

    Hello Matthew,

    Our original deployment date for the New Certify Experience of October 1st has been extended so we can bring you a truly amazing New Experience. We are planning on deploying the New Certify Experience by Friday, October 7th. This will be the beginning of a three-month adoption period for all users. Everyone will be able to switch between the Classic Certify Experience and the New Certify Experience during this time.

    - Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Kathy Wendt

    How can I get an email receipt to link - what data do I put in the mail header to allow them to link?
    Also can you edit a receipt without adding it to a report?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Kathy, You will need to edit the email receipt details in Certify Mobile by adding the date and amount to allow the email receipt to link. This can be done by tapping Receipts in Certify in Certify Mobile and selecting the receipt. Please make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page. This can also be done to allow you to edit a receipt before adding to an expense report.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar

    Hi is there a way to add an icon to my desktop as a short cut? Lola

  • Avatar
    Candice Camfferman

    Hello Laura,

    Unfortunately, Certify does not currently have a short cut tool. I recommend adding Certify to your Favorites on your browser.

    - Certify Support

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